The local yarn store and my slight addiction.

Okay what the hell is it? I can’t walk into a yarn store without buying? I needed ONE FREAKING TINY BALL OF YARN! That’s it….and now I have….more yarn! Thank god they don’t put crack in the skeins, I couldn’t BE any more addicted than I am. Mind you at least with crack people understand. the looks I get when i say, oh i’m just back from the yarn store again. my coworker look at me pathetically….the children run to the cupboards to see if mommy the yarn whore has spent the grocery money on wool.

but damn….the beautiful nora I got today…it would make you tingly in all the right places…if you could just feel it.

damn, yarn store lady, they have the dealers game down, they should just stand on the corner and quietly hand out the first skein for free.

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    • kristinma on May 16, 2006 at 2:16 pm

    Gorgeous work! I hope your moms likes
    things and gave you lots of compliments! 🙂

    I think reflecting on motherhood is a
    nice thing to do on Mother’s Day. Me – I tend to want to be left alone for a
    day; to know everything is done that needs doing and that no one needs me to do it.

    Someday …

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